COVID-19: Safety & Security Protocols

Safety & Security Protocols

We at the Perch Service Apartments fully committed to combating the COVID-19 pandemic.. It is our earnest desire to be helpful for our guests and staff alike.



In order to ensure our customers’ health and happiness, each of our property is being supervised by a responsible and well-trained Safety Manager. S/he looks after every single detail and makes sure that the entire property is following the given COVID guidelines. Such measures are welcomed by both our guests and staff alike.



At Perch, we have always been committed to ensuring hygiene on the property. With regards to the protocols released by the World Health Organization, Ministry of Tourism and District Administration in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our hotels have been actively responding to the guidelines and abiding by the same.

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Corona virus: At Perch, we recognize this pandemic!

At Perch Service Apartments, we have already considered understanding, preventing, and defeating #coronavirus, whose threat to the living race is on a spread. We are surely observant of the development of this disease and would request our viewers to strictly follow certain basic health precautions in order to avoid any accelerated occurrence of more such cases.



1. All contact points at all common places are regularly cleaned and sanitized, ensuring that no germs are left on the surface. These practices are being carried out throughout the day so that all common places are disinfected from time to time.

2. Disinfectant chemicals approved by the professionals are routinely utilized to sanitize the premises of the hotels/ service apartments. All common places of commotion (entrance, staff office, corridors) are fumigated with due care.

3. Temperature checks are a part of the protocol where hotel staff and the guests are checked once a day/ at time of arrival. As for non-resident guests, the temperature checks are performed upon their arrival.

4. Lack of surety in such tests will be immediately taken care of and reported to the appropriate authority. Proper medical care is provided to the concerned individual instantly. Be it our guests or hotel staff, we are always readily active.

5. As for the guests staying with us, their rooms are completely disinfected after their check-out. It is ensured that the rooms, after sanitization are kept vacant for a minimum of 24 hours or 48 hours. Only after adhering to the above-mentioned steps, the hotel opens the room to a new guest, welcoming them with care and comfort!

6. As for all departments of the hotel, laundry or pantry, it is ensured that only professionally trusted chemicals are used to keep the surroundings clean and safe. Such check-ups are supervised and looked after routinely. At the moment the Perch is note operating FnB Room Service at majority properties to minimize touch points and service complications.

7. In order to provide the best of the care and comfort, the stocks and supplies are disinfected properly before entering the campus, leaving no unclean spot!

8. The hotel has installed hand sanitizers at common places. Although the hotel staff is actively involved in taking care of the hygiene, it is essential that the guests themselves reach out to these sanitizers installed all over the place to stay safe and healthy!

9. To follow the protocols further, the hotel staff ensures that the cars, luggage, and other external objects are properly sanitized, making sure that no source of infection enters the place of retreat! 10. Social Distancing is also properly taken care of. The rearrangement of the seating areas is a part of the initiative.

11. A declaration form with respect to COVID-19 symptoms has been included with other formalities so as to make the check-in more cooperative and trustworthy! Arogya Setu app is compulsory to use for all guests

12. Face masks/ shields and hand gloves have been strictly mandated to be a part of the attire of all hotel staff, ensuring safety for all.

13. Dining areas, pantry, and other eating places are strictly managed in order to maintain hygiene. With each contact with the food, proper sanitization is a must.

Even the working staff at our hotels has responsibly taken care of his /her health by staying away from the virus, thus corona-free!


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We realize the affected travel preparations in such exceptional times and truly assure flexible cancellation policies. To refer to the complete Refund and Cancellation Policies, kindly visit https://www.theperch.in/policies.html We thankfully extend our wishes to all of our loved ones. May everyone stay happy and healthy! Feel free to contact us at +91-8448444240 or drop by an email at sales@theperch.in


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