Accommodation for Medical Tourists to Gurgaon & Delhi

Thanks to many excellent hospitals in Gurgaon, people from across the world come to Gurgaon to accompany their loved ones while in Gurgaon. We go the extra yard to ensure that you have a comfortable medical stay in Gurgaon or if you are looking for a Service Apartment close to a hospital in Delhi. We have accomodation near all the major hospitals in Gurgaon including Max, Medanta Medicity, Fortis and Manipal. Since our apartments, studios are located in peaceful parts of the city, usually adjacent to Gardens. They are excellent for people recovering from any minor or major ailment. In addition, the food is also cooked keeping in the mind the requirements of medical travelers.


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Guest Houses & Service Apartments for medical stay in Gurgaon & Delhi, India

Peaceful and Serene Environment

  1. Proximity to Hospitals: The Perch has 6 buildings across Gurgaon, offering close proximity to some of the city's top hospitals and medical facilities. We are within 1 km of hospitals like Medanta, Fortis, Paras and Manipal (and most others are within 10 min drive of the apartments). This convenience reduces travel time and stress for patients and their families.
  2. Comfort and Privacy: The apartments provide a comfortable and private space where patients can rest and recover after medical procedures. Our apartments have quiet hours after 9 PMĀ and there is a strict adherence to decibal levels. This is especially important for those who need a peaceful environment to heal.
  3. Family Oriented Apartments: The Perch offers fully furnished apartments with well-equipped kitchens, living areas, and bedrooms. This allows patients and their families to have a home-like environment during their stay. The whole family can then stay with the patient helping them get better faster.
  4. Cost-Effective: Staying in a service apartment can often be more cost-effective than a traditional hotel, especially for longer stays. This can help medical tourists manage their overall expenses during their treatment as treatment itself is an expensive affair.
  5. Flexible Accommodation Options: The Perch offers a range of accommodation options, from studio apartments to multi-bedroom units. This flexibility allows patients to choose the most suitable accommodation based on their needs and the size of their traveling party.
  6. Amenities and Services: The apartments provide essential amenities like high-speed internet, laundry facilities, and housekeeping services. These services can make the stay more convenient for patients and their families.


Recommended Properties for Medical Tourists

  1. Catering to Dietary Needs: The Perch can provide kitchen facilities, allowing guests to prepare meals that meet their dietary restrictions or specific medical requirements. This can be crucial for patients with special dietary needs. Our chefs can work with the family to understand specific needs (low salt, low spice, boiled only etc). Our chefs have a lot of experience cooking for the needs of medical travelers.
  2. Transportation Assistance: The Perch can assist in arranging transportation to and from medical appointments, ensuring that patients do not face any logistical challenges during their treatment. This is important if the patient does not feel comfortable traveling in a app based cab (some of which may not be hygienic). Hence we can help arrange long term dedicated transport.
  3. Local Knowledge: The staff at The Perch can offer valuable local knowledge, including information on nearby pharmacies, grocery stores, and other essential services. This can be particularly helpful for patients and their families who may be unfamiliar with the area.
  4. Green Environment: The apartments are designed to offer a quiet and serene environment, ideal for recovery and relaxation. Many of our apartments open onto gardens or tree canopies. Most apartments also have balconoes that can provide much needed fresh air and an excellent view.
  5. Extended Stay Discounts: The Perch may offer discounts for extended stays, making it more affordable for patients who need to stay in Gurgaon for an extended period for their medical treatment and recovery. Our monthly prices are about 30%Ā discounted to our daily rates.
  6. Safety and Security: Ensuring the safety and security of guests is a top priority. In addition to the duty manager, we always have security guard at the premises. Addiitonally in case of any emergency, we can help organise transport to take the patient to the hospital as well. Our top priority is yout quick recovery!


Testimonials from some of our long and short stay guests

Our accommodation services are a reflection of the work put in by the team from inception in 2010.

We have hosted guests from over 100 countries who come and stay with us for a wide variety of reasons. Some of our guests have stayed with us for months or years while in Gurgaon. And they have given us a of of feedback that has helped us improve our services a lot.

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