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When it comes to hosting memorable social events or lavish marriage functions in the vibrant city of Gurgaon, choosing serviced apartments at Perch Service Apartments is the right decision.

Our serviced apartments offer the ideal blend of space and elegance, providing room for your entire group to celebrate together under one roof. With separate living, dining, and bedroom areas, you can create cherished moments in a home-like atmosphere. Our fully-equipped kitchens allow you to craft the perfect menu for your event. Whether it's a family feast or a social soirée, you have the flexibility to cook. If your event spans several days, our serviced apartments offer the comfort and convenience needed for extended stays.

Choose Perch Service Apartments for your next social event or marriage function in Gurgaon, and experience the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and affordability. Let's make your celebration unforgettable!


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Right choice for Social Events and Marriages

  1. Spacious Accommodation: Service apartments offer more space than traditional hotel rooms, providing ample room for families and groups to spread out and relax. In fact family members can rent a large space and still have their own rooms, while spending time together.
  2. Home-like Comfort: Guests can enjoy the comforts of home, including a fully-equipped kitchen, separate living and dining areas, and multiple bedrooms, making it ideal for families and longer stays. This is also ideal if the family would like to cook their own meals.
  3. Cost-Effective: Service apartments often offer better value for money, especially for larger groups, as they can accommodate more people. At Perch, we have multiple configurations including 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 4 BHK (which can accomodate upto 10 adults)
  4. Privacy and Independence: Guests have their own private space, allowing for more privacy and the freedom to come and go as they please, making it ideal for social events or family gatherings. You could even hire out an entire independent floor for your social event. We also help organise weddings and othee social get togethers.
  5. Flexible Dining: With a fully-equipped kitchen, guests can prepare their meals, catering to dietary preferences and saving on dining expenses. Also as the kitchens are fully equipped you can cook as per your own preferences.

Reduce the hassle, maximise the shared joy!

  1. Serviced Living : With serviced apartments and suites, you will always have someone to take care of things like housekeeping, cooking, cleaning - while you can focus on the things that matter. And thats spending time with your friends and family in a happy setting.
  2. Convenient Locations: Many serviced complexes are strategically located near important venues like marriage halls, corporate offices, main intersections and metro stations. These central locations will be highly appreciated by your entire group.
  3. Social Functions: If you are thinking about organising social functions like a marriage, birthday or just organising a social get together - we at Perch can help. Our team can not only help you select the right configuration but also help with selecting a venue, putting together a good food menu or help organise an event.
  4. Budget Friendly: Hosting a large gathering can be expensive, but our serviced apartments offer an economical solution. With the ability to accommodate numerous guests in apartments, you'll enjoy substantial savings.
  5. Private Solutions: Embrace the freedom to celebrate in your own private space. Our apartments offer an intimate setting for your special occasions, ensuring a memorable and exclusive experience for your guests.


Testimonials from some of our long and short stay guests

Our accommodation services are a reflection of the work put in by the team from inception in 2010.

We have hosted guests from over 100 countries who come and stay with us for a wide variety of reasons. Some of our guests have stayed with us for months or years while in Gurgaon. And they have given us a of of feedback that has helped us improve our services a lot.

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