Japanese Service Apartments, Guest Houses in Gurgaon & Delhi

We have been serving guests from Japan for over 12 years. We had our first guest come from Tokyo in 2013 and the family stayed in our service apartments for over 2 years. Since then we have hosted Japanese Corporates working in Manesar, Japanese corporate travelers on short trips as well as families coming to visit. They love the large sized service apartments, the Japanese style breakfast and the cultural awareness our staff has. We also have attractive long term service apartment deals for Japanese travelers.


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Close to the Corporate offices in Cyber City, Golf Course Road, MG Road and easy access to Manesar

Professional Staff & Friendly Environment

Our management and staff is attuned to your specific requirements and will go out of the way to delight our patrons from the land of the rising sun.

  • Cultural Familiarity: Understanding and respecting the cultural nuances of Japanese visitors is crucial. Our services and values align with Japanese customs and preferences, such as offering Japanese-style breakfast options or providing access to Japanese TV channels (on demand)
  • Ample parking for cars: As most of our guests will be having their own transport, we have created special parking spaces for the cars of our patrons. This makes it very comfortable for our guests to travel from the apartment to their place of work. In fact, radio cabs are also very easily available.
  • Transportation Convenience: There are plenty of app based cabs available in the vicinity of our buildings. We can also organise cabs from our vendors in case you need something for a day or a on a weekly basis.
  • Safety and Security: We have a multi layered security system for our guests safety. In addition to the duty manager, we also have security guards at all our properties. In addition we have 24-7 CCTV coverage of the front areas. Our security setup is audited by our facility manager who is ex - Indian Army.
  • Cuisine Variety: At our Perch properties we offer a diverse range of dining options, including Japanese dishes, ensuring guests can savor both familiar and new culinary experiences. Additionally our chefs are aware of the culinary preferences of Japanese travelers as well.

Why Guests from Japan love to stay at Perch?

  • Sports Experiences: Our founders have a background in Golf and we love to organise sports events for our guests as well. We have tie ups with some of the golf courses in Gurgaon and that helps us get excellent deals for our guests. We can organise coaching sessions for our guests with professional golf experts at local courses like Harmoni, Qutub, DLF and Classic as well.
  • High-Speed Internet: Japanese business travelers often rely on high-speed internet for work and communication. We have a high speed line for the convenience of all our corporate and work travelers.
  • Flexible Booking Options: As some of our Japanese guests can be staying for long lenghts of time (sometimes years), we do also have long term leases at all our buildings. Some of these leases can be in the company name and it offers a lot of flexibility to the company leasing the premises.
  • Various configurations : We have apartments ranging from studios / single apartments all the way to 3 bedroom apartments (that come with a full kitchen and other amenities like bath tubs). Some of these apartments could be facing the a garden or canopy of trees.


Testimonials from some of our long and short stay guests

Our accommodation services are a reflection of the work put in by the team from inception in 2010.

We have hosted guests from over 100 countries who come and stay with us for a wide variety of reasons. Some of our guests have stayed with us for months or years while in Gurgaon. And they have given us a of of feedback that has helped us improve our services a lot.

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