Why choose Serviced Apartments over hotels

With the ever rising inflation one has to look at spending wisely and saving money where possible. Hotels have only gotten more expensive in the recent past and continue to give rooms at an exorbitant price, this scenario has given Serviced Apartments the perfect opportunity to showcase themselves and their advantage in terms of value for money.

Working professionals often relocate to other cities for work-related assignments , these stints can be up to 6 months to a year, living in a hotel for such a long duration would be unimaginably expensive hence a Service Apartment is the smarter and more economical choice.


Advantages of Serviced Apartments over Hotels:

Amenities of a hotel at a fraction of the cost:

Serviced Apartments are equipped with gyms ,table tennis, wi-fi, free parking ,cable tv, home theater ,multi cuisine restaurants, taxi service, library etc. These apartments offer almost all the facilities that are offered by Hotels and they do so at a fraction of the cost.

Flexibility in terms of accommodation:

Service apartments offer a host of options such as a single room,1 BHK Apartment,2 BHK Apartment or a 3 BHK Apartment. Such flexibility in apartment selection ensures that the guest can choose his/her accommodation which suits their requirement. This luxury of choice is certainly not available with hotels

No restriction on meal timings:

Remember when you had to get up early in the morning just to ensure that you reach in time for the breakfast spread at your hotel!! At serviced apartments you decide what time you want our breakfast to be serve to you and the fully equipped kitchens afford you further flexibility to cook as and when you please.

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