Best Budget Hotel in Gurgaon

Gurugram is the hub of powerful financial business houses and expansive skyscrapers. With thousands of offices, cafes, shopping malls, and start-ups rising every day, people head over to the town for finalizing contracts or spending leisure time frequently. The prosperous city provides plenty of urban opportunities and permits people to enjoy an urbanized lifestyle with vibrant nightlife.

Whether you head to Gurugram ( Gurgaon) for business, pleasure, or leisure, you will need to rest after a long tiring day. Booking an accommodation to lay down after roaming around the whole day is imperative.

Remember, you are going away from your home and paying for your stay. If the facility chosen is uncomfortable or ill-equipped then the whole trip can be a washout or a bumpy ride. The experience should, in fact, be unforgettable and fabulous. A good hotel room needs everything you require with the best housekeeping services and gourmet food to make it memorable.

If you are looking for the best budget hotel in Gurgaon, then Perch Serviced Apartment is the place for you. You can enjoy an indulgent stay and savor the best gourmet dishes at the Perch Serviced Apartment. All the suites and rooms contain state of the art equipment and offer unmatched facilities to relax and unwind after a tiring day. The hotel is strategically located in the heart of this bustling city.

The hotel offers premium accommodation including a professional staff that tends to the needs of the customers to make their stay more convenient, satisfying and enjoyable. The staff’s knowledge about the local culture, food and travel sights comes in handy if and when the clients wish to explore the region further.

The Perch Serviced Apartments ensure utmost safety as all the properties are located in safe and friendly neighborhoods and are equipped with round the clock surveillance.

Open the door for a spacious living. It’s a place where you can be yourself. It is the best hotel in Gurgaon. Make your booking today!