What are Service Apartments and who are they for?

The Serviced Apartments concept is essentially a western one that started in America, Serviced Apartments are fully furnished apartments that offer all the comforts of a home and provide the service and facilities of a Hotel at a fraction of the cost. Further, serviced apartments offer their guests a host of configurations to choose from, such as 1,2,3 BHK Apartments or Pent houses as opposed to a standard room which is offered in hotels.

These apartments offer many facilities such as fully equipped kitchens, washing machine, cable TV, Wi-fi, home theater inside each apartment which helps in making your stay as comfortable as possible.

With the uncertain global economy many people have shifted to serviced apartments as opposed to hotels as the cost saving in doing so is quite significant. Many established companies now operate fully furnished serviced apartments in addition to hotels as doing so they are able to cater to both the segments.

Serviced Apartments, who are they for?

Business Professionals on short term/long term assignments find service apartments very convenient as all of their requirements are taken care of and they are treated to the warmth of a home.

Leisure Travelers/Tourists find that service apartments definitely pack a punch when it come to value for money. Especially if one is a budget traveler, service apartments really help fit any holiday into a tight budget. The savings on food, wifi, parking add upto a lot!

Families which are relocating– A service apartments are the ideal place to live in when relocating to a new city and searching for that dream house. People traveling with their families find Serviced Apartments very convenient as they can all stay in one apartment instead of staying in connecting rooms in Hotels.

What does the future hold in store?

Serviced apartments have been around for a long time, but their popularity has improved since the turn of the century, this has primarily happened with the lowering of international travel cost and the personalized service offered by these service apartments.

With the uncertainty around the global economic environment companies are tightening their belts and Business houses are becoming more cost conscious hence the hospitality industry is slated to get more competitive and price wars will ensure that the Service Apartment industry will continue to be a key player in the hospitality industry.

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