Serviced apartments– Great for women

In recent times, traveling to India has received some bad press. Incidents of rape and harassment of women is both disturbing as well as a wake up call for Indian society. Although the vast majority of Indian men are chivalrous and would go out of their way to help someone in trouble, there is a small minority that may take advantage of a single woman traveling alone. Even though a lot is being done by the authorities to assuage the concerns of foreigners coming to India, it is wise for travelers to plan ahead.  While it is not possible and maybe also paranoid to restrict one to hotels and airports while traveling to India, a few precautions are necessary. India is too beautiful and colorful a country to be viewed merely from behind a window. It offers endless opportunity to the travelers and not unlike other places, some pitfalls as well.

How to choose accommodation options in Gurgaon?

The first step when coming to India is to choose the place of residence carefully. Ensure that the place has a good reputation and if necessary contact the management for details. Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon are ideal places for women as they have a lot of experience hosting overseas guests while being vastly more economical than top end hotels. The guest must ensure that she is received from the airport by an official hotel car and does not use public taxis. Even though the risk of harassment is very low even in public hailed cabs, the stress and anxiety of traveling in an unknown vehicle is avoidable.In fact it would be preferable to use the services of the service apartment taxi for most travel as the cost differential is negligible. Most reputable serviced apartments pay great attention to security and have 24 hour cctv surveillance as well as guards on the premises.

Food – A big concern!

Something not to be taken lightly – especially when coming for an extended period is food. High end service apartments provide fully equipped kitchens as well as tiffin services for working people.Homemade food produced in the central kitchen is available right from the wee hours of the morning to the time they function at night. Unlike hotel kitchens, service apartments in Gurgaon have the flexibility to cook meals as per the guest’s requirement. Since it is not a highly commercial operation, the chefs can adapt to suit individual tastes and dietary requirement. Some service apartments, especially those catering to medical tourists, have the ability to provide specialized meals – diabetic friendly, gluten free, etc.Being a small setup, hygiene and safety is the utmost concern of management.

Other conveniences of service apartments

Guests must also enquire if there are people available to run small errands at the apartments – buying small groceries, mobile recharges and other work may be difficult for a lady to do in an unknown place. Besides the security aspect there is great convenience in having laundry, housekeeping and someone for small errands in-house. For a small fee, several service apartments can also have the kitchen equipped with ingredients and material that the guest may require – thereby saving arduous trips to the bazaar or super store. Housekeeping services are at par with most hotels and hence reduces the burden for the traveling guest. Other communication requirements like free wi-fi are standard.

All contingencies covered

The other concern that a woman may have when traveling to Gurgaon would be an unexpected illness (more so if the guest is coming for medical tourism). Most reputable service apartments have a strong focus on the wellbeing of guests and have a doctor on call. Gurgaon is fortunate to have several world class hospitals like Medanta Medicity, Fortis and Artemis. An attention to detail, personal service and other conveniences make Service Apartments in Gurgaon, an economical and comfortable place for women and men alike.