Moving to Gurgaon – Stay in Serviced Apartments

Given the number of international companies in Gurgaon (Gurugram), there are a lot of people relocating to the city, especially from overseas. Some of them are relocating for work while others are resident Indians returning home after overseas assignments, in addition to them are also international travelers and working professionals who move here in order to work in Gurgaon.

There are several companies that specialize in relocation but there are significant complexities and costs involved. However, it is relatively simple to avoid these with a little bit of homework and preparation. Given that there are a lot of issues to attend to when relocating to Delhi or Gurgoan,  convenient and hassle free temporary accommodation becomes the best option. Below are some of the considerations people have while choosing a suitable temporary relocation accommodation, and as  a rule of thumb you can use this list whenever selecting a relocation or short stay property in Gurgoan.

Seven Factors when selecting a place for relocation or stay in Gurgaon

1-      Location to workplace – A very important criteria
Ensure that the property is close to arterial roads that connect you to major Highways like the NH-8 , as well as the main roads such as Golf Course Road, MG Road and Sohna Road. If your office is located close to Manesar then you are better of finding an apartment on Sohna road and if you work in Delhi then a Guest House or Service Apartment on Golf Course Road might be just what you need.

2-      Cost of the Apartment – This is important as relocation time frames can last from a few weeks up to a couple of months
If the length of your stay is not known then you would need to be more cognizant of prices as well. Many companies offer good long term and mid term discounts and these can be availed on their own websites or on the popular travel portals such as Tripadvisor, Booking dot com , Ibibo and Makemytrip etc

3-      Space for family – Large space is essential if shifting with family
Hotel rooms are typically too small to comfortably accommodate a family, and on a relocation stay you do need the extra space especially if you have you children alsoing as well. If you area small family then a one bedroom apartment or even a studio apartment in Gurgoan should suffice your requirments. It is best to try and find the onces located within gated commmunities and complexes and basic infrastrucutre and amenities are top-notch here.

4-      Cooking options – It is difficult to sustain on hotel food for long period of time. Hotels generally do not have self-cooking option
An absolute essential, especially if you are not used to eating outside food. Service Apartments are all equipped with full kitchens, this provides you the luxury to cook food in the privacy of your own apartment.

5-      Transportation – It is important to have reliable transport like a hotel cab at short notice
There is no derth of

6-      Safety and hygiene – Given that relocation is a difficult task, this should be the last thing one need worry

7-      Housekeeping and errands – Given that Gurgaon would be an unknown city to most travellers, it would be very useful to have small errands and housekeeping take care of.


Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon provide the same sort of facilities that one would otherwise get in a hotel. The privacy, security and services are far superior to lower end guest houses, at comparable costs.

Given the above requirements Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon would be a far better option than either hotels or guest houses. Serviced Apartments have special relocation packages for people coming to Gurgaon. Some of the major advantages are listed below.

1-      Home like environment while one goes about looking for permanent accommodation

2-      All the comforts of hotels like room service, complimentary breakfast, communication and transport services, comfortable rooms and all at a fraction of the cost

3-      Help in relocation services like contracting warehouse for temporary storage of household goods

4-      Housekeeping staff as well as staff for running small errands. Especially useful when unfamiliar with the city.

5-      Ability to run a family kitchen and also adequate space for children.

6-      Monthly rental versus daily rates results in very significant savings.


Hear the experience of a Google executive who relocated to Gurgaon & stayed in service apartments- Youtube Link

Relocating to Gurgaon - Expat experience
Relocating to Gurgaon – Expat experience

Home like stay with the comforts of a hotel

The serviced apartment concept is superior as it provides comparable services without expensive frills. All the amenities like air conditioners, comfortable bedrooms and well-maintained kitchen are there. Just like in a hotel, each bedroom has an attached bathroom and hence one doesn’t need to compromise on comfort and privacy. In the well equipped kitchen, one could cook food and avoid expensive food from the restaurant unless otherwise intended. So, food budget would come reduce substantially. Additionally one can have the leisure of cooking and eating according to taste

Additionally the neighborhood is generally a lot less commercial than where hotels are located. Hence there is an opportunity to be away from the bustle in a peaceful and serene environment. There are several families that prefer such environs, especially people who have come to Gurgaon for medical tourism. No hotel or guest house in gurgaon can provide this kind of a home like environment. One can even interact with other people from similar backgrounds.All without compromising safety or security.The premises are secured without the overt display of security which is apparent at most hotels.  The use of technology such as CCTV cameras, burglar alarms and security guards make the stay completely secure.

So choose Serviced Apartments, when relocating to Gurgaon!

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