Perks of Staying in a Serviced Apartment


For luxurious and comfortable short or long stay in Gurgaon, a serviced apartment is the best option. If you are looking for the best serviced apartment in Gurgaon, then Perch Serviced Apartments is the right choice for you.

Gone are the days when serviced apartments were considered only for long term stays or preferred by travellers for extended business trips. Serviced apartments are fast gaining popularity among holiday travellers and vacationers. There are a lot of reasons that are attributed to this welcome shift from luxury hotels and inns.

If you are a passionate traveler, then you must know that an undeserved or wrong decision can spoil your whole trip, so you must choose wisely. The concept of hotels is not new while serviced apartments are emerging in the tourism industry. These are essentially fully furnished places that became ideal due to their spaciousness, comfort, and value of money. Apart from the facilities like a top-class hotel, they provide us a homely environment as well.
Whenever you plan your next holiday, then make your mind after going through the following points:

  • Bespoke accommodation
  • Spaciousness and homely comfort
  • Dining choices
  • Privacy and security
  • Value for money/economics


Serviced apartments provide exclusive, flexible and customized accommodation on our terms. Serviced apartments offer us a wide range of configurations to choose from such as 1, 2 or 3 BHK apartments with or without personal parking, swimming pool, etc.

Most of the serviced apartments offer various kitchen choices. They offer us many choices to cater to our instinctive requirements. E.g. we can hire a personal cook, can cook the meal ourselves, or can order the meal from the centralized kitchen service too.

Serviced apartments cater to your privacy concerns. Apart from privacy, serviced apartments give us some more advantages as we can use the space as per our requirements. For example- we don’t need to book a meeting room to meet someone. We can invite them to our place as it is like a home consisting of drawing room as well. Moreover, these are free from any hustle-bustle and equipped with CCTVs and 24*7 security systems with round the clock security staff to ensure your safety.

Perch Front Lawn- Service apartment Gurgaon

Advantages of serviced apartments

  • Greater space: Travellers on holidays and vacation often complain about cramped spaces in hotels, especially when the travel group is of a bigger size. Occupying multiple adjacent rooms is an option, but what if the experience is not appreciably pleasant? Serviced apartments come with generous space by default for stayers, and this is the biggest advantage when it comes to staying in a serviced apartment.


  • Peace of Mind: Staying in a serviced or self-contained apartment in a residential area means greater peace of mind and security. The availability of basic amenities 24 x7 including housekeeping services is a key benefit that most hotels are devoid of.


  • Access to local markets: Because most serviced apartments are located within the vicinity of the local market or bazaar, shopping is a lot easier, and access to local cultures and practices can be gainful.


  • Access to facilities: Almost all serviced apartments are fully furnished and come with a kitchen and other facilities including dishwasher, washing machine, high-speed Wi-Fi, telecom and housekeeping services. If you’re looking to prepare fresh home-cooked meals, then it doesn’t get better than a serviced apartment.


  • Serviced apartments are a lot more affordable and cost-effective than a hotel by at least 15-30%. This is not only advantageous for long-term stays and extended business stay but also short-term vacations. It’s always recommended to compare the rates of serviced apartments and hotels for making an informed decision.


  • Lastly, if you’re a pet lover, most serviced apartments allow your cat or dog to stay with you and take it for a walk in the nearby park or public spaces.

If you’re looking for the best serviced apartment in Gurgaon, then Perch Serviced Apartments can make you feel at home.

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