Medical Tourists in Gurgaon – The Value of Service Apartments

Gurgaon – Medical Hub of India

There are several excellent hospitals in Gurgaon which provide world class treatments at affordable costs. Gurgaon is home to hospitals like MedantaMedicity, Fortis, Max Hospital, Artemis and several others. These hospitals are pioneering not only advanced medical treatment but also medical research into chronic and life threatening diseases. These hospitals have overseas affiliations and exchange programmes with overseas hospitals in the developed world. This helps bring in some of the best medical practitioners to these hospitals helping promote advanced medical techniques. No wonder then that Gurgaon is fast becoming the “Medical Hub” of India. Gurgaon offers some of the best infrastructure in India, as well as excellent international connectivity through IGI Airport – the biggest in India. This has precipitated a boom in overseas patients coming for treatment to India. India is now amongst the top-5 countries in the world for medical tourism and this trend is expected to become bigger. Most overseas patients come from the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and emerging Europe. Cancer treatment, lifestyle diseases and organ transplants are the most common procedures. But other areas like surrogacy and artificial limbs are also significant.

Challenges for Overseas Guests

Coming from overseas for treatment to a foreign country poses a host of challenges

  • Traveling to an unknown place with possible language barriers
  • Creating a positive atmosphere for treatment of the person
  • Managing costs of living for extended periods for the patient as well as close family
  • Ensuring adequate follow up outside hospital which may entail an extended stay

In all of this, finding accommodation for the patient and the family become imperative. Some of the factors those are important:

  • Hygiene and comfort
  • Proximity to the hospital, other amenities
  • Economic viability as family members may also be staying
  • Special food requirements and ability to cook
  • Adequate transport, housekeeping and special needs

Why Service Apartments are the best bet for medical tourists?

Hotels and guesthouses are available to guests, but there are several issues that make them unviable options. Cost, impersonal service, inability to cook, lack of space are some of the primary ones. Service Apartments on the other hand, offer several advantages to the family. Some of them are

  • Large apartments where entire family can live together. This is especially important for the family if the treatment is long or difficult. Apartments have multiple bedrooms, a common living areas and separate bathrooms
  • Ability to cook special meals in a full kitchen which has all the amenities like crockery, cutlery, refrigerator, cooking stove, etc.
  • Conveniences like cab service, hot/cold water, wi-fi, room service, daily housekeeping. Essentially, all the amenities of a hotel at less than half the cost
  • More economical than hotels (atleast 50-60% less) and comparable to guest houses in terms of cost

At Perch Grove Service Apartments, we cater to medical guests from across the world. Our award winning Service Apartments have got excellent reviews. We understand the special requirements of medical tourists and try our utmost to make the stay comfortable. We are located in Sector-45,Gurgaonwhich is very close to MedantaMedicity, Artemis and Max Hospital. We have several amenities and conveniences at our apartments which are essential to the comfort of our guests. Please do consider professional service apartments in your next medical trip overseas.

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