Figuring out the difference between a Studio and a Serviced Apartment?


If you’re on an apartment chase, or looking for a decent option for a warm and cozy staycation, then you definitely got to be well-versed with the terminologies.

Although there’s not much of a difference you can chalk out between a studio apartment and a serviced apartment, but is certainly an important debatable question for people appearing to search for a residence/ stay matching their lifestyle choices. Before you start gazing for a better stay option, here are a few key differences you ought to know before finding yourself a seemingly good place to reside in!

The perch

Space and Capacity:

A Studio apartment is a more creative and compact space that has room of about one bedroom in total capacity, whereas if you go for a serviced apartment, it is the size of a normal apartment, with an attached kitchen space, washroom area and even in some cases space for an additional living room. Therefore, you can’t really demarcate between a one-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment, while, a service apartment is extremely large and spacious and is ideal for families and groups.



As a studio apartment is condensed in a particular space and has much less utilities and facilities available, it ultimately values lesser than a serviced apartment and is extremely budget-friendly. The term serviced apartment itself defines that is similar to a hotel wherein all the amenities are available, from front-desk to cab-services, therefore, the price range is higher than that of a studio apartment, but is much lower than that of a high-class 5 star hotel. Therefore, if you are in search of a small, decent and pocket-friendly option, then you can go on for service apartment.

Stay Experience:

Well, it’s completely dependent on the traveler’s lifestyle! In case you are interested in putting up in squashed places, then you definitely should go for studio apartments, but will have to majorly face a downside to the facilities provided. Unlike studio apartments, serviced apartments are highly recommended due to small but significant reasons like, enhanced privacy, extended stays, better location, and amplified amenities, which can majorly boost your stay experience.

Common area

There’s obviously no single answer to this question, but it’s all dependent on the traveler’s choice. Although, there’s a very slight difference in the two, however just before you make a decision; be sure of considering the gains and losses of the available choices. Also, if you are looking for studio and serviced apartments in Gurgaon or other metropolitan cities, ensure that you filter out all your unneeded facilities and services!

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