Service Apartments in Gurgaon (Gurugram): A fast growing sector

Housing facilities in India are growing broader day by day, and the mechanics of renting out and leases is changing. Unlike in the past when tenants were highly reliable people already known to the family, today housing in majority cities of India involves direct exchange of cash for residential, lease signing has almost been done away with, especially for short to mid term stay in a Service Apartment or guest House.

Short Term or Long Stay in Gurgaon; Gurgaon Service Apartments have you covered

On a work assignment and need a place to stay for a few months? Well, you no longer  have to look for relatives or distant friends to find an accommodation for themselves. When it comes to accommodation in India, few cities can match the standards that Gurgaon (historically known as Gurugram) offers.

Gurgaon besides being the part of cultural heritage of India, is a premier hub of modern day facilities and umpteen job opportunities in Multi National Companies which have moved to India. With so many world class companies in Gurgaon Jobs are available for people who have the requisite skills and knowledge.

What makes Gurgaon one of the best cities in India to live in

Gurgaon is a high class town and an integral part of the Delhi and National Capital Region. Gurugram provides great opportunities for both working professionals and as well as blue collar workers. It is the most populous and technically advanced center of development in northern and central India. Little wonder that the demand for good affordable accommodation has grown manifold in the last few years.

Amazing Services and great features offered

In terms of services and facilities the Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon are structures housing facilities and provide basic amenities are located in clean and green communities, have a staff to provide personalized service, as well as modern amenities to make your stay comfortable.
Concierge, physical and electronic security coupled with a peaceful environment make the service truly top-notch. Whats more these apartments offer high class accommodation at affordable prices. Be rest assured that your purchase will always exceed what you pay for.

Personalized Amenities at each property

Facilities like laundry, daily housekeeping,  food made by expert chefs , In-House Taxi Service and multi-channel Cable TV.  If you wan to eat in your own apartment then you can utilize the in-apartment fully equipped kitchens. A well maintained and fully equipped kitchen is always included int he apartment and beneficial to those who find cooking therapeutic.

And as most Service Apartments are located in gated communities, parking is never an issue and security is always ensured. To sum up it can be said that Service Apartments provide unmatched facilities and standards that are seen as benchmarks . In some ways it can also be said that when you stay at a serviced apartment you pay for an apartment but get the experience of a five star hotel in Gurgaon. Thus we can truly say that we may well be in the golden period for apartments in India.

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