Why rent a Service Apartment on your next holiday?

A service apartment is basically an apartment that is run like a hotel but still offers the comforts and amenities of a house. Contrary to popular belief one can stay at the service apartments for shorter durations as well, although longer duration bookings do garner better discounts. Unlike hotels, service apartments don’t charge you for every aspect of the stay like WiFi, drinking water, parking, etc. Also, the taxes in service apartments are far lower than hotels.

Below are listed some of the advantages that come along with renting a  service apartment

More spacious: Service Apartments are definitely money’s worth when it comes to living space. The additional living space and the attached kitchens give the occupants a lot of room and a home-like feel

Ideal for group travel: The added space makes it economical for families and large groups to travel and stay together. Further; the option of cooking within the apartment ensures that everyone can eat together while not missing home cooked food.

Free services: Services apartments offer a host of free services that are charged in hotels, such as free Wi-Fi, free/subsidized laundry, further the option of cooking yourself is available too. Steeper discounts for longer durations also mean a lower daily tariff.

Personalized service:  A serviced apartment affords you a lot more flexibility as compared to Hotels in terms of breakfast timing, individualized dietary requirements (are taken care of by the in-house chefs). Specific requirements such as pillow thickness etc are also catered for.

A Kitchen:  A Kitchen, Microwave and a fridge do come in very handy when one is staying for a longer duration as it affords a lot of flexibility to you in terms of your cooking and also heating up snacks etc .If traveling with young children then a Kitchen becomes a necessity.

Amenities of a Hotel at a fraction of the cost: While being a more affordable option as compared to hotels the service apartments still offer a host of facilities which one expects to find at a hotel. Facilities such as Gym, Concierge, Parking, Chef and Multi-Cuisine Restaurant are commonplace in most service apartments

So, the next time you travel anywhere, be sure to choose a service apartment and save yourself at least 50% of the cost – use that money to enjoy your holiday more rather than