6 BIG advantages of service apartments over budget hotels

Travelling to Gurgaon – Service Apartments or Budget Hotels

If travelling to Gurgaon for an extended period, accommodation is going to be one of the main areas of concern. There are loads of choices – hotels, guest houses, apartments and the like. But how does one choose from among these options? It’s easy to get confused since the criteria are many and there is no set standard of comparison. It’s easy to place too much emphasis on one aspect – cost, while forgetting about additional running costs that matter as well – food, transport, utilities, etc.

Service Apartments – Why are they a better choice for long stays?

Service apartments are ideal for customers who want a home-like environment. They are also better than guest houses in some respect as they have large spaces as well as self cooking facilities. The advantages of service apartments are amplified if travelling or long periods. In fact, a number of corporate travelers choose to stay in service apartments for periods upto 2 years. They choose to rent service apartments over regular apartments as it allows them to focus on their careers without having to worry about the day to day work related to staying in a rented apartment. Service apartments reduce the hassle of arranging for various things like wifi, housekeeping, furniture, utilities, cable, etc. The cost differential of renting a regular flat versus a service apartment is actually negligible, after accounting for all the conveniences one can get.

Service Apartment advantages over Budget Hotels

  • Cost per head – Cost per head can be 60-70% cheaper as service apartments can accommodate 3-6 adults per apartment versus only 2 in typical hotel rooms.
  • Flexibility – Service Apartments are a lot more flexible when it comes to cancellations, early check ins, free Wifi, parking and a whole lot of other services.
  • Space – Experience 50-70% more space for the same cost as a budget hotel room.
  • Cooking facility – Cook your own meals and don’t rely just on just the hotel’s (at times expensive) food.
6 Advantages of service apartments over budget hotels
Great advantages of choosing a service apartment over a budget hotel!

Service Apartment – comparable to Budget Hotels in convenience & security

  • 24/7 Power Backup – There have been concerns around electricity outages in Gurgaon, but Service Apartments in Gurgaon provide 24×7 nonstop power supply using diesel backup generators. This makes them comparable to budget hotels, which also provide 24/7 power backup.
  • Trained Staff – As the industry matures, there are a number of trained hospitality professionals who are joining service apartments. Not only do service apartments give them a chance to work across departments, the progress is typically faster in smaller organizations. Since the work is very hands on, people get a chance to learn about various software solutions. This makes service apartments a far better employment option than highly regimented work profiles in hotels.
  • Security Infrastructure – Security is another aspect that many guest coming to India are concerned about and hence choose to stay in luxury hotels which invest a lot in securing their guests. Professionally run service apartments also strive to provide adequate security. The key is to secure the premises and provide deterrence without an overt display of security as is the norm in hotels. Use of close circuit television and round the clock surveillance enable service apartments in Gurgaon to ensure the safety of their guests. A higher reliance on technology reduces the human element of variability.

The bottom line – How much cheaper than budget hotels?

The cost advantage of service apartments over luxury hotels in Gurgaon varies with the following factors

  • Length of stay – If coming for 2-3 days, the cost advantages are negligible. But, the cost difference can be as much as 60% if coming for one month. Not only are tariffs lower, but service apartments are not subject to luxury taxes (upto 15%) and only service tax.
  • Number of travellers – The cost difference for single traveller or a couple may not be very large for a short duration (1-3 days). But there is a big saving on per head basis if travelling in a group or with family. The advantages of more space are of course a given.
  • Food – There is a 70-80% cost advantage of cooking your own meals versus ordering in from the restaurant of an expensive hotel. Service apartments come with kitchens that give you the ability to cook your own meals. In addition, many service apartments provide complimentary breakfast and room service as well.

There are atleast 10 professionally managed service apartments in Gurgaon – be sure to give one of them a call. Many of them also have direct online booking!

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