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6 Questions to Ask to Choose the Perfect Guest House in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is soon turning into India’s silicon valley and with the advent of Web 2.0 and aggressive reforms the Foreign Institutional Investors have come in and so have the domestic companies, the hospitality sector has benefited on the back of this trend and has seen considerable growth over the last few years.

A direct outcome of the corporate influx has been the proliferation of Guest houses in Gurgaon; the number of Guest Houses has mushroomed in Gurgaon in the last few years, and with the abundance of choice it has become important that travelers make an informed choice.

The following is a list of factors to consider while selecting the perfect Guest house in Gurgaon-

  • What is the primary purpose of your visit?
    If visiting the city for business then choose a professionally run Guest house which is centrally located and has the amenities to make work from home possible; such as high speed free Wi-Fi and a Business Centre. If visiting for leisure do ensure that the Guest house has an in-house taxi, 24 hour concierge, in-house restaurant and a gym.
  • How many people are you travelling with?
    If you are travelling in a large group then booking in a guest house would prove more economical than a hotel, do look for attractive discounts on company website and travel portals such as tripadvisor,com and Tip- There are always attractive discounts on bookings of more than 15/20 days, so check the same on the Guest House websites.
    If travelling alone then look for Guest houses that offer different room sizes, good quality guest houses will give you the choice of booking rooms of different configurations that that suit your requirements.
  • What is your Budget?
    Luxury guest houses are a good choice as they are a good cross between a 5 star hotel and a budget guest house; these Guest houses offer you luxury while being reasonably priced.A good quality room in a Luxury Guest house would cost you USD 45 to 65 a night whereas the same would cost you at least USD 125 to 200 a night in a 5 star hotel.
    A note of caution though, travelers should be vary of Guest houses which offer very low prices as these tend to be unsafe, dingy and poorly managed.
  • What are the Facilities / Luxury desired by you?
    Modern guest houses now offer a suite of luxuries for their occupants and facilities such as Gym, Elevator, Wi-Fi ,Restaurant ,24/7 security , Cable Tv, Taxi Service are now offered at good quality Guest houses in Gurgaon. Many good guest houses also have a small in-house library and access to custom cable TV channels (such as NHK news for Japanese travelers).
  • Choosing a professionally run establishment
    It is the best to stay at a Guest House with a professionally trained staff, signs of the same are visible before you book your accommodation; such as a courteous manager on their call phone, prompt replies to inquiries and emails, attention to detail, quality of their website and testimonials from happy customers.
  • Doing  your research and booking in time
    Make sure to read reviews on travel websites, most of the reviews are genuine and can give a traveler a decent idea about the pros and cons about the place. Do also check that the establishment is accredited by the Ministry of tourism/ relevant authority as a bed and breakfast/ Guest house. Book in time to ensure that you get the type of room that you are looking for avail early bird discounts.

Do follow the above pointers and you will be able to find the perfect accommodation for yourself and have a pleasant stay in Gurgaon while enjoying the offerings of this vibrant city.

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Hybrid accommodation; High end guest houses in Gurgaon

The recent influx of MNC, s in Gurgaon has resulted in many working professionals shifting base here and staying in Gurgaon for extended periods of time. Therefore, the demand for corporate office space has increased and so has the requirement for high quality serviced apartments and guest houses.

Till recently, the Guest house industry was  cluttered with low cost options but now Guest houses in Gurgaon have become more professionalized and offer facilities similar to those offered by Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon.High-end guest houses are a recent addition to Gurgaon’s burgeoning hospitality sector and provide a better alternative to regular guest houses,these facilities are run more professionally and also offer tailor made offerings to suit each professional/traveller.

 Facilities on offer-

  • Wi-Fi with high speed connection
  • Printer , fax and common computer for personal use
  • In-house entertainment lounge with home theater system
  • Central kitchen for in-room ordering
  • 24*7 Security, CCTV surveillance and concierge service
  • Central location with easy access to Metro station
  • Free parking on property

The above mentioned features have become a prerequisite for corporate and leisure travellers both.Apart from the option of an attached kitchen, these facilities are quite similar to those offered in service apartments.

Booking accommodation and availing discounts

Most guest houses in Gurgaon are listed on online travel portals and their tariffs as well as guest reviews are listed on these websites. Portals such as, and are very useful for travellers wishing to make an informed choice, long term  and off-season bookings can garner attractive discounts of up to 30% .

Useful tip– Book in advance and avail attractive tariff plans that include meals as well.

Central locations in Gurgon for Guest houses and Service apartments

  • Sushant Lok ,Phase 1 – Centrally located and easy access to Huda Metro station,  Multi-Specialty Hospital ,Market places and close to DLF Cyber City
  • Sector 40 Gurgaon- This location is close to Medanta Hospital and is 2 Km away from the Gurgaon-Delhi highway and a 1 km from Unitech Cyber Park(Corporate Park)

In conclusion, it can be said that the multitude of options available to the customer help in ensuring that each person gets the type of accommodation that best suits his needs and requirements.

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Perfect Places to Live – Perch Serviced Apartment

Nowadays, where the world is reaching out for excellence, everybody wants a perfect place to spend their livelihood. The meaning of perfect place always differs from person to person. Some people are fond of countryside places whereas some are addicted to city lifestyle; some demand a peaceful locality to enjoy the beauty of nature while some are there who are lover of moving & chaotic life. To this point, we can say no place can be said to be the perfect place for each and every person. As they say, desire creates the power to do something. To turn people’s desire of what they want for stay into their density, Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon has taken the charge and come forward to equip you with great facilities that are required as per your need. Serviced Apartments near HUDA city center have tried to make a perfect place for everyone. There is everything available for each & every person according to their needs, who come for a stay in Service Apartments in Gurgaon. It is a place which would appear to you as the best destination you were dreaming of long time ago.


Gurgaon  Serviced Apartments has features which would definitely fit according to your lifestyle. Apart from being at the commercial center of the city, Serviced Apartments are the most peaceful place to enjoy the beauty of the city. It is also not far away from the life of the city i.e. malls, as Gurgaon is said to be city of malls, so you can also enjoy your time being at the malls or pubs if you feel bored while being in the lap of the nature. Besides having awesome location, the Serviced Apartments are stylish for those who love to be in touch of changing trends in fashion and pretty much affordable as well. Serviced Apartments have luxurious & spacious room for a large family to reside whereas budget & comfortable rooms for a small family to live happily. One can have the true feeling of being at home, as he/she can enjoy full privacy with his loved ones inside the apartments, on the other hand he/she can also socialize with other members at the apartment compound or residence lounge etc.

As said earlier, Serviced Apartments near HUDA city center have everything for everyone as per their needs. They provide you with the wonderful services which no other hotels or guest houses can provide you in the city at the same reasonable cost. Additional features like accessible location, safe & clean accommodation, a well-furnished place to stay, allocated parking space & many more make Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon as one of the best option available to choose. No one in the city can match the potentials of Serviced Apartments in respect to services that they provide to you. With all the essentials of living & having balanced proportions of desires for each and every kind of peoples, you’ll definitely not like to spend your precious time anywhere else other than Service Apartment in Gurgaon.

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