Hotel trends in 2016!

Hotel trends in 2016 will be centered around digital transformation and digital access. As the travel industry both disrupts and innovates, the customer will benefit from both convenience as well as reduced cost of travel. More choice in travel bookings, food choices, stay amenities as well as mobile enabled stays are just some of the digital trends we for see in the coming year.

Digital kiosks could be a hotel trends in 2016

Digital Kiosks will become a necessity

Not just big hotels, but even small Service Apartments and Boutique Gust Houses are getting computerized booths in their anterooms to consider a more robust guest experience.  While indeed fancy, these kiosks are definitely a positive trend as they serve as an intuitive resource center which can assist in  example, registration, ordering or data about neighborhood eateries, conveniences etc.

Room keys will be obsolete

Hotel are moving away from keys and keyless entry is almost a norm. Many hotels are have the option of Smartphone check in , you can download their phone app and then when your room is ready, you will get a notification along with their key code. You can use this and go directly to your room, thus bypassing the traditional check-in process.

Digital kiosks in hotels in the future

In-Room Digital Outlets

Many Hotels now have digital outlets which are extremely useful for guests and they can do a host of things right from the comfort of their own room!

Hence there is no requirement to call the front office or call the concierge on the phone , you can enter all your requirements right on the tablet device, such as daily newspapers, a hotel guide, virtual concierge, meal orders, a check-out application, guest surveys and also book your future stay as well.

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Himalaya view from resort

Can Airbnb India beat GoIbibo & MakeMyTrip?

India – Not a priority market for Airbnb till now?

Whether the hotel industry likes it or not, Airbnb will only become much bigger over the next decade – possibly becoming more important than any other travel company in the world. The Silicon Valley darling has been operating in India for the last 3 years but India probably has not been a focus market for it till now. Airbnb is reportedly looking at India at some interest and will undoubtedly foot the accelerator at some point – maybe they are waiting for “critical mass”. Airbnb has a small staff in India and is majorly expanding in South East Asia at the moment. It continues to run important functions like technology from Singapore and the US.  One of the few stories about Airbnb India in the digital media does not have a lot of details about their strategic plans – Airbnb in India

Domestic Travel Industry is abuzz with activity

Meanwhile, the domestic Indian hospitality sector is abuzz in 2015– room aggregators like Oyo Rooms, Indian booking engines (Makemytrip, Goibibo, etc) and even Airbnb clones like Stayzilla are all vying for a piece of the pie. Add to the mix niche players in the conventional hotel segment like Roomstonite. Sitting on the sidelines is payment giant Paytm, looking to grab a chunk of the huge transaction volume (est USD 70 Billion Annually) which is primarily cash and card right now.

So what does the future hold? Possibly one of two scenarios…..

  • The conventional, alternate and other travel sub segments consolidate. All these Airbnb clones fold / get acquired over time leading to a Uber / Ola duopoly kind of situation in India? Airbnb could bide its time like Amazon and make a huge splash soon taking away large market share
  • The market remains highly fragmented along the alternate stay, branded hotel, room aggregator lines. At least a few of the segments remain highly profitable and immune to global companies like Airbnb – which continues to remain a big but not dominant player

I believe that for couple of years we will see heightened activity in each travel sub segments as companies try to “build perceived differentiations” and “maintain strategic moats”. But the situation will change after 4-5 years and lead to a Flipkart/Amazon or Uber/Ola Duopoly situation in India – with Airbnb as one of the players. There are a few strong reasons for this…..

Alternate Stay market Vs Conventional Hospitality – The lines are blurred in India

In developed economies, branded hotels are already contemplating what to do about the threat from the sharing economy. India is a slightly different market – one could take the view that the conventional hospitality market in India ends at the so called “star hotels”. Given the apathetic attitude that the government has to hospitality regulation, India is pretty much a “Self branded” market outside the star hotels. As state, city, local rules differ dramatically, there are no common measures of what constitute “hospitality establishment”. Even 100 room properties in India run without any overarching regulatory body. There have been fits and starts to regulate the sector with food quality recommendation, tourism guidelines, building regulations – but most remain difficult to implement and hence on paper only. One of the critical unifying forces (surprisingly) is the taxation rules in India which require taxes to be collected for “services rendered”. It is hoped that the proposed Goods and Services tax (GST) will better define the hospitality sector– but this is albeit a hope.

Given this background, India is indeed a very large potential market for Airbnb – it would not only get business from the alternate stay market (undoubtedly large and interesting) but also the conventional stay market which is truly huge (estimates USD 80 Bn a year). In other markets, large establishments sell rooms on Airbnb and this may well be the future of Airbnb in India.

Room aggregators – Solving problems or creating them?

In India, the room aggregators now seem to be devolving into quasi “booking engines” and hence would view Airbnb as a huge threat to their business. The mathematics is simple for the business owner – Airbnb charges 3-4% commission while the room aggregators take away 12-25% (depending on their bargaining power). All this without changing their mother brand name – which is an issue for SME / small players in the hospitality segment as it leaves them with no brand recall.  The biggest problems that non tech savvy hosts face in India are

  • Updating content on multiple websites – Online Travel Agents and their own sites
  • Lack of technical staff on premises to handle online queries, payments, etc

Hence the Indian hospitality owner may never be able to focus on more than 2-3 Online Travel Agents. The choice boils down to, airbnb and domestic OTAs like Makemytrip and Goibibo. There are new ones like Oyo Rooms that promise to make life easier by “buying inventory”, “Co-branding” – unique experiments that haven’t been tried elsewhere in the world. Whether they are able to navigate issues like confused branding, no operational control on site, inconsistent stay experiences is something that only time will tell. For now, they are discounting rooms using investor money in order to get “market share”.

Why has Airbnb not focused on India till now?

A good case study to answer this question would be Amazon – a company that stayed away because of difficult rules on multi brand retail, complicated taxation and a fragmented market. But they took the leap in India in 2014 – and what a leap it has been. In a similar vein, Airbnb will need experts in taxation, local regulation and tweak its app to make it work seamlessly in India.

The hospitality tax regime remains complicated – luxury hotels must be luxury taxes, while homestays are exempt. The lines are blurred as some states charge additional taxes from hospitality companies while some don’t. It would therefore be prudent to incorporate this on their app – for now they are charging service taxes directly from the user and depositing on behalf of the host.

The average commission for India works out to be far lower than in the West where the average rental would be USD 70. The average rental in India would be USD 30 – which is just 40% of the US. Also Indian users are just getting used to the concept of paying a “service charge” for their booking. Of course, for volumes to pickup, the Indian user needs to become comfortable with these aspects of booking an accommodation.

Major difference between Indian and overseas travelers –

  • Higher service levels are expected – Indian hotels have a fairly high level of service and Indian guests expect this. A completely self catered accommodation would not be a great selling idea.
  • Experiences are important but cost trumps all – Cost differential and not necessarily the experience of living in “someone else’s home” drives some users to use Airbnb.

Then why would Airbnb succeed in India?

There are some well published reasons why Airbnb could succeed in India – hotels are expensive, they don’t have the personal touch and more importantly the tax/cost structure is heavily loaded against large organized players. Smaller players have a large cost advantage and additionally are more nimble in their pricing which is controlled by the host. But the single largest factor that may drive Airbnb success in India is – TRUST!

It’s a well known fact that staying in unbranded hotels in India is a bit of “pot luck”. There is little standardization and a very heavy reliance on the host, rather than any pre defined processes. The problem with anonymous models for booking (so called “aggregator”) a hotel is the lack of trust, reliability and information. In a country like India, where safety is a major concern, there are doubts whether pure online aggregation systems that de humanize the stay process will work. Consider the following facts

  • Room aggregators do not allow exchange of information before the stay. How would one fix accountability in the absence of a human face?
  • Room aggregators do not send the correct address before the stay date – they are afraid that the guest will cancel the booking and go direct to the host. This is especially important as they don’t provide any great value add during the stay besides the booking process.
  • Genuine reviews are not allowed on room aggregator sites as bad reviews would essentially kill the business of some hotels. Hence guests must rely only on neutral review sites like Tripadvisor and now more importantly Airbnb.

Airbnb puts the host front and center as the point of contact. Not only does this solve the security issue, it also creates a sense of responsibility as guest reviews are public. The reviews are all of genuine travelers and the verification system goes a long way in ensuring that only genuine hosts thrive in the Airbnb eco system.

Who is the typical Airbnb user in India?

Airbnb is still a concept that the Indian user is getting used to. The issues for a lot more Indian users to become paying clients is two fold

  • Indian users are not too thrilled about paying service fee upfront – we are too used to paying bundled fees – Airbnb transparency policy is sort of self defeating here!
  • Some Indian users hesitant to pay upfront to secure a booking. They would rather book a single day and pay the balance on checkout. The “Book now, Pay Later” culture is becoming popular.
  • Payment mode for many listing is still in dollars and that is a deterrent. A simple tie up like what Uber had with Paytm could fundamentally change this for Airbnb

How is the Indian market different from other Airbnb markets?

An average Airbnb host in developed countries is

  • Successful career person with 2-3 vacation homes – These homes would be un catered, or at best semi catered
  • Semi retired person with 3-4 properties that he would like to let out and make extra income – typically would stay in the same city and would cater to guests themselves
  • Small companies specializing in renovating and letting out properties or even selling them as “high yield Airbnb investment homes”

In India, the typical Airbnb host would tend to be far more focused on hospitality as a primary source of income source than as a “side business”. The average host has an established business as hosting is a rather serious business in India! I am no management consultant, but I see a few clear strategic steps that Airbnb could make in India

  • The payment system issue – This is an easy one to fix, including adding flexibility of various mobile payment systems (wallets)
  • Dedicated Airbnb Hotline – Specifically aimed at security and hygiene. A real time reporting system could help them weed out “problem properties” early on
  • Segment hosts on the basis of track record and highlight the same to guests – This could go a long way in addressing any niggling “trust” issues
  • Host Service Team – This last one is a little bit left field but a service team that can assist hosts sort our issues related to quality may be a winner. Yes, it hasn’t been tried anywhere else, but look at Uber – they have a completely different model of operation in India with a dedicated legal team as well!

I see a Airbnb as a major player in the Indian space in the coming years. They may have been slow off the block for reasons best known to them – but expect to see a lot more in the near future. For hosts, this is probably a good thing as they will be spoiled for choice from a wide number of travel websites, helping them market their rooms to a worldwide audience.

Reader comments & thoughts on the topic are most welcome! I can also be reached at

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The Retreat - 3 bedroom apartment living area

How to choose a safe budget hotel in Delhi NCR

Hospitality and comfort are one of the most important features when selecting accommodation, but one commonly overlooked feature is the security processes that are followed by these establishments.With the growth of the short-stay market, guests are realizing that the security are critical factors. Safety and security are hot button topics especially in developing countries, and with the advent of the alternative stay industry the security aspect must also be given importance.

There are several establishments that offer “heavy discounts” and cheap rooms. But guests need to be sure about the security protocols followed by these establishments. This is especially relevant for single and women travellers. Delhi NCR is a huge heterogeneous region and safety is a prime concern for travellers. It is easy to get duped by fly by nights operators who are running their establishments without due regard to basic procedures.

Safety Tips to ensure a safe stay in Guest House Gurgaon

How to spot a “safety poor” accommodation in Gurgaon

  • No reviews on Tripadvisor and other websites.
  • No hotel addresses provided
  • No management contacts provided at time of booking. Airbnb provides you with direct owner contacts.
  • Poor physical safety in terms of boundary walls, razor wires
  • No physical guards or CC TVs at the gates
  • No formal billing systems or proper tax receipts

Must have security features for short stay apartments and Guest Houses:

  • CCTV cameras and coverage of important access points such as entrance, lobby and parking
  • Round the clock Security guards working in shifts
  • Police registration certificates for all employees working in the property
  • Electronic safes provided in each room
  • 24/7 concierge that can be called on the phone at any time for assistance
  • Compulsory registration of all guests and no booking to be done without identification cards

Additional security features

  • Taxi service with installed GPS devices and SOS button
  • Timely safety audits of building and property premises

Due Diligence before booking

The location of a property is also a very important safety feature. Guest houses and Service Apartments are normally located in residential areas and central business districts, these areas normally have a lot of security. Even then, before selecting a service apartment in Gurgaon for rent, do look into all the above factors – your safety is important. Also check that the staff and management are professional in their conduct. One of the most important factors is how comfortable you feel after communicating with the management – a phone conversation is always a good thing before booking an accommodation in Gurgaon. If the management is transparent & honest, there is a high likelihood they would have given due weight to safety as well.

If you follow the above precautions you will have a relaxed stay in Gurgaon!

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The Retreat - 3 bedroom apartment living area

6 BIG advantages of service apartments over budget hotels

Travelling to Gurgaon – Service Apartments or Budget Hotels

If travelling to Gurgaon for an extended period, accommodation is going to be one of the main areas of concern. There are loads of choices – hotels, guest houses, apartments and the like. But how does one choose from among these options? It’s easy to get confused since the criteria are many and there is no set standard of comparison. It’s easy to place too much emphasis on one aspect – cost, while forgetting about additional running costs that matter as well – food, transport, utilities, etc.

Service Apartments – Why are they a better choice for long stays?

Service apartments are ideal for customers who want a home-like environment. They are also better than guest houses in some respect as they have large spaces as well as self cooking facilities. The advantages of service apartments are amplified if travelling or long periods. In fact, a number of corporate travelers choose to stay in service apartments for periods upto 2 years. They choose to rent service apartments over regular apartments as it allows them to focus on their careers without having to worry about the day to day work related to staying in a rented apartment. Service apartments reduce the hassle of arranging for various things like wifi, housekeeping, furniture, utilities, cable, etc. The cost differential of renting a regular flat versus a service apartment is actually negligible, after accounting for all the conveniences one can get.

Service Apartment advantages over Budget Hotels

  • Cost per head – Cost per head can be 60-70% cheaper as service apartments can accommodate 3-6 adults per apartment versus only 2 in typical hotel rooms.
  • Flexibility – Service Apartments are a lot more flexible when it comes to cancellations, early check ins, free Wifi, parking and a whole lot of other services.
  • Space – Experience 50-70% more space for the same cost as a budget hotel room.
  • Cooking facility – Cook your own meals and don’t rely just on just the hotel’s (at times expensive) food.
6 Advantages of service apartments over budget hotels
Great advantages of choosing a service apartment over a budget hotel!

Service Apartment – comparable to Budget Hotels in convenience & security

  • 24/7 Power Backup – There have been concerns around electricity outages in Gurgaon, but Service Apartments in Gurgaon provide 24×7 nonstop power supply using diesel backup generators. This makes them comparable to budget hotels, which also provide 24/7 power backup.
  • Trained Staff – As the industry matures, there are a number of trained hospitality professionals who are joining service apartments. Not only do service apartments give them a chance to work across departments, the progress is typically faster in smaller organizations. Since the work is very hands on, people get a chance to learn about various software solutions. This makes service apartments a far better employment option than highly regimented work profiles in hotels.
  • Security Infrastructure – Security is another aspect that many guest coming to India are concerned about and hence choose to stay in luxury hotels which invest a lot in securing their guests. Professionally run service apartments also strive to provide adequate security. The key is to secure the premises and provide deterrence without an overt display of security as is the norm in hotels. Use of close circuit television and round the clock surveillance enable service apartments in Gurgaon to ensure the safety of their guests. A higher reliance on technology reduces the human element of variability.

The bottom line – How much cheaper than budget hotels?

The cost advantage of service apartments over luxury hotels in Gurgaon varies with the following factors

  • Length of stay – If coming for 2-3 days, the cost advantages are negligible. But, the cost difference can be as much as 60% if coming for one month. Not only are tariffs lower, but service apartments are not subject to luxury taxes (upto 15%) and only service tax.
  • Number of travellers – The cost difference for single traveller or a couple may not be very large for a short duration (1-3 days). But there is a big saving on per head basis if travelling in a group or with family. The advantages of more space are of course a given.
  • Food – There is a 70-80% cost advantage of cooking your own meals versus ordering in from the restaurant of an expensive hotel. Service apartments come with kitchens that give you the ability to cook your own meals. In addition, many service apartments provide complimentary breakfast and room service as well.

There are atleast 10 professionally managed service apartments in Gurgaon – be sure to give one of them a call. Many of them also have direct online booking!

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Perch Front Lawn- Service apartment Gurgaon

6 Questions to Ask to Choose the Perfect Guest House in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is soon turning into India’s silicon valley and with the advent of Web 2.0 and aggressive reforms the Foreign Institutional Investors have come in and so have the domestic companies, the hospitality sector has benefited on the back of this trend and has seen considerable growth over the last few years.

A direct outcome of the corporate influx has been the proliferation of Guest houses in Gurgaon; the number of Guest Houses has mushroomed in Gurgaon in the last few years, and with the abundance of choice it has become important that travelers make an informed choice.

The following is a list of factors to consider while selecting the perfect Guest house in Gurgaon-

  • What is the primary purpose of your visit?
    If visiting the city for business then choose a professionally run Guest house which is centrally located and has the amenities to make work from home possible; such as high speed free Wi-Fi and a Business Centre. If visiting for leisure do ensure that the Guest house has an in-house taxi, 24 hour concierge, in-house restaurant and a gym.
  • How many people are you travelling with?
    If you are travelling in a large group then booking in a guest house would prove more economical than a hotel, do look for attractive discounts on company website and travel portals such as tripadvisor,com and Tip- There are always attractive discounts on bookings of more than 15/20 days, so check the same on the Guest House websites.
    If travelling alone then look for Guest houses that offer different room sizes, good quality guest houses will give you the choice of booking rooms of different configurations that that suit your requirements.
  • What is your Budget?
    Luxury guest houses are a good choice as they are a good cross between a 5 star hotel and a budget guest house; these Guest houses offer you luxury while being reasonably priced.A good quality room in a Luxury Guest house would cost you USD 45 to 65 a night whereas the same would cost you at least USD 125 to 200 a night in a 5 star hotel.
    A note of caution though, travelers should be vary of Guest houses which offer very low prices as these tend to be unsafe, dingy and poorly managed.
  • What are the Facilities / Luxury desired by you?
    Modern guest houses now offer a suite of luxuries for their occupants and facilities such as Gym, Elevator, Wi-Fi ,Restaurant ,24/7 security , Cable Tv, Taxi Service are now offered at good quality Guest houses in Gurgaon. Many good guest houses also have a small in-house library and access to custom cable TV channels (such as NHK news for Japanese travelers).
  • Choosing a professionally run establishment
    It is the best to stay at a Guest House with a professionally trained staff, signs of the same are visible before you book your accommodation; such as a courteous manager on their call phone, prompt replies to inquiries and emails, attention to detail, quality of their website and testimonials from happy customers.
  • Doing  your research and booking in time
    Make sure to read reviews on travel websites, most of the reviews are genuine and can give a traveler a decent idea about the pros and cons about the place. Do also check that the establishment is accredited by the Ministry of tourism/ relevant authority as a bed and breakfast/ Guest house. Book in time to ensure that you get the type of room that you are looking for avail early bird discounts.

Do follow the above pointers and you will be able to find the perfect accommodation for yourself and have a pleasant stay in Gurgaon while enjoying the offerings of this vibrant city.

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Hybrid accommodation; High end guest houses in Gurgaon

The recent influx of MNC, s in Gurgaon has resulted in many working professionals shifting base here and staying in Gurgaon for extended periods of time. Therefore, the demand for corporate office space has increased and so has the requirement for high quality serviced apartments and guest houses.

Till recently, the Guest house industry was  cluttered with low cost options but now Guest houses in Gurgaon have become more professionalized and offer facilities similar to those offered by Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon.High-end guest houses are a recent addition to Gurgaon’s burgeoning hospitality sector and provide a better alternative to regular guest houses,these facilities are run more professionally and also offer tailor made offerings to suit each professional/traveller.

 Facilities on offer-

  • Wi-Fi with high speed connection
  • Printer , fax and common computer for personal use
  • In-house entertainment lounge with home theater system
  • Central kitchen for in-room ordering
  • 24*7 Security, CCTV surveillance and concierge service
  • Central location with easy access to Metro station
  • Free parking on property

The above mentioned features have become a prerequisite for corporate and leisure travellers both.Apart from the option of an attached kitchen, these facilities are quite similar to those offered in service apartments.

Booking accommodation and availing discounts

Most guest houses in Gurgaon are listed on online travel portals and their tariffs as well as guest reviews are listed on these websites. Portals such as, and are very useful for travellers wishing to make an informed choice, long term  and off-season bookings can garner attractive discounts of up to 30% .

Useful tip– Book in advance and avail attractive tariff plans that include meals as well.

Central locations in Gurgon for Guest houses and Service apartments

  • Sushant Lok ,Phase 1 – Centrally located and easy access to Huda Metro station,  Multi-Specialty Hospital ,Market places and close to DLF Cyber City
  • Sector 40 Gurgaon- This location is close to Medanta Hospital and is 2 Km away from the Gurgaon-Delhi highway and a 1 km from Unitech Cyber Park(Corporate Park)

In conclusion, it can be said that the multitude of options available to the customer help in ensuring that each person gets the type of accommodation that best suits his needs and requirements.

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Corporate housing in Gurgaon

2014 -Trends in Real Estate Industry (Delhi NCR)

The Hospitality industry in definitely going through a paradigm shift of sorts, with the economy showing signs of recovery and the resurgent Services sector one can expect the Hospitality sector to follow suit.

Hotels and Service Apartments are both expected to benefit from the post-election growth spurt.

What the upcoming elections mean for this industry

The upcoming elections and the response of the market has been a very positive for the hospitality industry as a whole especially for the Service Apartment Industry, this is because the corporate sector is expected to get a shot in the arm and move towards the path of growth, further the services sector is going to see a good amount of growth post elections, this is because many industrial houses have been holding back their investments and are playing it safe till the political scenario stabilizes post-election.

Given the above factors the services sector is expected to see a lot of growth and the trickledown effect of this growth will surely be a boon for the hospitality industry, and especially Service Apartments in Gurgaon.

Implications for Commercial Real Estate

Investment in industry will also result in a clamor for office spaces in Gurgaon, hence the commercial real industry will also see a growth spurt especially the DLF corporate hub i.e Cyber City, and this would result in higher office rentals and an increase in the tariffs of 5 star hotels( a function of Commercial real estate price rise).

As most of the Serviced Apartments are situated in the older sectors of Gurgaon(where the rentals are lower than the newer sectors) they are expected to reap the benefit of increased demand for accommodation ;demand that would previously been fulfilled by 5 star hotels.


Improved connectivity with the ever expanding Metro network

A definite boon for Service Apartments is the ever expanding, excellent Metro network within Gurgaon which has made commuting to and fro office very easy and convenient for all working professionals. Most major malls and Central Business Districts such as Ambeience Mall, Unitech Cyber Park, DLF Cyber City etc are located close to Metro stations which have connectivity with the major sectors in Gurgaon, for example Service Apartments near HUDA Metro station have seamless connectivity within Gurgaon and even with Delhi due to the expansive Metro network.


In conclusion it can be said that the coming times are going to be interesting for both the customer and the service providers, increased choice is going to make the customer truly the king and a larger customer base augurs well for Service Apartments in Gurgaon.

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Why Service Apartments are the Best Option

Now a day’s people continuously visit many cities for the sake of business so as to attend business meetings, business seminars or just for holidaying with their families. Previously the option when venturing out of town was invariably a Hotel. Hotels definitely are good places to live as they provide various facilities such as luxury, comfort and security, but all these facilities do come at a cost and more often than not the tariffs tend to burn a hoe in your pocket.

Given the scenario if one is to get all these amenities at a fraction of the cost then the best alternative are Serviced Apartments. Service Apartments are not only economical, but also provide ample amenities such as home-like environment, household utilities & appliances, Wi-Fi internet, good services, privacy & security etc. This is the reason why many corporations are switching to Service Apartments to house their employees on international assignments. It’s a win-win situation for both the company and the employee.

Gurgaon – A fast growing corporate hub

Gurgaon has emerged as India’s corporate hub in recent years and has been voted as most rapidly developing corporate hub in the country with many Indian and Multi-National companies setting up shop here. Many big meetings and seminars are also organized regularly in the city due to which many business-men visit the city. Coupled with the corporate influx is the real estate boom; this inevitably means higher commercial rentals which in turn mean higher tariffs charged by hotels. To solve this quandary Service Apartments in Gurgaon are the best alternative as their tariffs remain stable irrespective of the inflation rates.

Along with this you may choose Service Apartments in Gurgaon according to your locational preference i.e. if you are a peace loving man and like to live in placid places in the heart of the city as you are fond of shopping then you can find numerous Luxury Service Apartments in Gurgaon, which are equipped to fulfill your need.

Service apartments near Huda city centre are a good option as they are centrally located in Gurgaon. Along with inexpensive and quality food there are good facilities such as gymnasium and library. So whether you are a citizen of India, a visitor from foreign or Non Resident Indian i.e. NRI, Gurgaon service apartments are there for you and will fulfill each of your eclectic requirements.

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City view from a service apartment

Why rent a Service Apartment on your next holiday?

A service apartment is basically an apartment that is run like a hotel but still offers the comforts and amenities of a house. Contrary to popular belief one can stay at the service apartments for shorter durations as well, although longer duration bookings do garner better discounts. Unlike hotels, service apartments don’t charge you for every aspect of the stay like WiFi, drinking water, parking, etc. Also, the taxes in service apartments are far lower than hotels.

Below are listed some of the advantages that come along with renting a  service apartment

More spacious: Service Apartments are definitely money’s worth when it comes to living space. The additional living space and the attached kitchens give the occupants a lot of room and a home-like feel

Ideal for group travel: The added space makes it economical for families and large groups to travel and stay together. Further; the option of cooking within the apartment ensures that everyone can eat together while not missing home cooked food.

Free services: Services apartments offer a host of free services that are charged in hotels, such as free Wi-Fi, free/subsidized laundry, further the option of cooking yourself is available too. Steeper discounts for longer durations also mean a lower daily tariff.

Personalized service:  A serviced apartment affords you a lot more flexibility as compared to Hotels in terms of breakfast timing, individualized dietary requirements (are taken care of by the in-house chefs). Specific requirements such as pillow thickness etc are also catered for.

A Kitchen:  A Kitchen, Microwave and a fridge do come in very handy when one is staying for a longer duration as it affords a lot of flexibility to you in terms of your cooking and also heating up snacks etc .If traveling with young children then a Kitchen becomes a necessity.

Amenities of a Hotel at a fraction of the cost: While being a more affordable option as compared to hotels the service apartments still offer a host of facilities which one expects to find at a hotel. Facilities such as Gym, Concierge, Parking, Chef and Multi-Cuisine Restaurant are commonplace in most service apartments

So, the next time you travel anywhere, be sure to choose a service apartment and save yourself at least 50% of the cost – use that money to enjoy your holiday more rather than

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Two bedroom Service Apartment interiors

What are Service Apartments and who are they for?

The Serviced Apartments concept is essentially a western one that started in America, Serviced Apartments are fully furnished apartments that offer all the comforts of a home and provide the service and facilities of a Hotel at a fraction of the cost. Further, serviced apartments offer their guests a host of configurations to choose from, such as 1,2,3 BHK Apartments or Pent houses as opposed to a standard room which is offered in hotels.

These apartments offer many facilities such as fully equipped kitchens, washing machine, cable TV, Wi-fi, home theater inside each apartment which helps in making your stay as comfortable as possible.

With the uncertain global economy many people have shifted to serviced apartments as opposed to hotels as the cost saving in doing so is quite significant. Many established companies now operate fully furnished serviced apartments in addition to hotels as doing so they are able to cater to both the segments.

Serviced Apartments, who are they for?

Business Professionals on short term/long term assignments find service apartments very convenient as all of their requirements are taken care of and they are treated to the warmth of a home.

Leisure Travelers/Tourists find that service apartments definitely pack a punch when it come to value for money. Especially if one is a budget traveler, service apartments really help fit any holiday into a tight budget. The savings on food, wifi, parking add upto a lot!

Families which are relocating– A service apartments are the ideal place to live in when relocating to a new city and searching for that dream house. People traveling with their families find Serviced Apartments very convenient as they can all stay in one apartment instead of staying in connecting rooms in Hotels.

What does the future hold in store?

Serviced apartments have been around for a long time, but their popularity has improved since the turn of the century, this has primarily happened with the lowering of international travel cost and the personalized service offered by these service apartments.

With the uncertainty around the global economic environment companies are tightening their belts and Business houses are becoming more cost conscious hence the hospitality industry is slated to get more competitive and price wars will ensure that the Service Apartment industry will continue to be a key player in the hospitality industry.

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